Brunch at Bistro Byronz

This past Sunday I went to Bistro Byronz on Perkins Rd. in Baton Rouge for brunch.

The crowd: This restaurant seemed to have people of all sorts. There were families, groups of friends, and couples.

Attire: I wore a dress and wedges and my friends wore nice jeans and tops with wedges. Other people at BB were wearing a large array of clothes; one group dressed nice with sports blazers and dresses, a group of guys were in preppy attire, and a couple women with a child were in very casual attire.

Waiter: Our waiter was super awesome, always kept our waters filled, and gave us some awesome suggestions!

Drinks: Because we aren’t 21 we weren’t able to get the famous frozen mimosas but our water with lemon was wonderful and stayed filled the entire afternoon.

Food: The food was delicious. We decided to get an appetizer so we ordered the Three Cheese Chips. The chips were homemade and hot and super cheesy; needless to say we devoured them. For the entree I got the Brunch Mix and Match so I mixed the Eggs Benedict and matched the Bistro Sardou; this also came with a side of fruit (cantaloupe and honeydew). As we finished, our waiter asked if we wanted desert and as we contemplated he let us know there was a King Cake Bread Pudding and, of course, we were dying to try it. The King Cake Bread Pudding was super warm and delicious and we finished it off within minutes.

Overall we had an awesome experience and I am already looking forward to my next adventure to Bistro Byronz.

Now here’s some artsy pics I took of my food! I hope y’all enjoyed the post and as always,


Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 2.43.58 PM


Above: Three Cheese Chips


Above: Eggs Benedict


Above: Mix and Match Bistro Sardou and Eggs Benedict


Above: King Cake Bread Pudding


Above: The menu and Lauren making tough decisions