Brunch at Canefeild Tavern and Life Update

Hey guys, So today I am doing a brunch review and a short life update!

This past weekend my sorority had our Second Annual Red Dress Gala! It was super successful and I am so proud of everyone who was involved in making it happen (speical shout out to my big and my roommate for being chairs!) My mother and grandmother came in town for the night, so they told me I had to choose a brunch place for the Sunday morning after. After reading a lot of Yelp reviews I chose Canefeild Tavern.

Canefeild Tavern is located off of Nicholson Drive by Brightside in Baton Rouge in the same strip as Wahada and Hungry Howies.

The attire was very casual; there were girls in Norts and Tshirts and guys in everyday attire (although I showed up in a casual dress so slightly #awkward for me).

The crowd was mixed but I would say there were more college students than adults.

One of the main draws to Canefeild Tavern is their Bloody Mary Bar which consisted of two types of Bloody Mary’s as well as lots of toppings and options.

I ordered the Farmhouse Hash with a Mimosa. The Mimosa was a little strong for my taste but still good. The Farmhouse Hash came with a homemade biscuit both of which were very filling (so much potato). The hash consisted of potatoes, onion, bell peppers,  and chicken, and it was topped with two poached eggs and hollandaise. The eggs were a little overcooked for my taste but overall it was a great dish.

So for my New Years Resolutions I can say I am definitely failing thus far. I just love Starbucks so much, ya know? Also, I’m not able to store my guitar in Baton Rouge soo that one hasn’t been going so well either, but I’m definitely going to continue to trying when I have the chance.

Happy Almost Mardi Gras ya’ll!


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