A Letter to the Man I’m Going to Marry

I don’t know who you are, what you look like, or where you’re from but I do know that I am going to love you with every piece of me.


Dear Future Husband,

I hope you’re having a good day today. I hope you’re walking around, going about your everyday life, and I hope you’re happy. I hope you’re talking to your friends and doing stupid things 20 something-year-old-men do. I hope you notice the little things like the clouds in the sky or the birds perched on a roof. Mostly importantly, I hope the idea of me crosses your mind.

I hope you were raised to be respectful and kind to everyone you meet and you know that being driven is one of the most important qualities in a human. I hope you love your parents and siblings and you have listened to endless stories from your grandparents. I hope you take notes from their marriage and learn what to do and what mistakes to avoid. I hope you learn to apologize and to love others more than you love yourself. I hope you get to know yourself and your desires

I can’t wait to meet you. I hope one day we walk past each other or you happen to be in the background of one of my pictures. I hope we meet a few weeks later and you see me from across the room, make eye contact with me, and know you have to talk to me but need to first get the courage to do so. I hope you walk up to me and tell me a lame pick up line or remark and I roll my eyes or laugh. We start talking and get to know a little bit about each other. You jokingly make fun of me and ask me for my phone number before I leave and then you text me later that night. I hope I get butterflies when I get your text and you get them when I reply. We talk and you ask me to hangout one day. We make plans for later that week to do something exciting and adventurous and start making memories together. When the day is done you tell me how great of a time you had with me, then we go about our lives and you text me the next day. We chat and start hanging out more often. Eventually you tell me you have a crush on me and I reciprocate the same. We go on like that for a while and start to really open up to each other. You eventually ask me to be your girlfriend. We start to see each other a couple times a week and chat every night. You bring me home to meet your family and eventually I do the same. We start to spend holidays together and our relationship begins to feel like home. We share I love you’s and fights and we learn to work together and compromise. We start to make plans for the future and you realize you couldn’t spend the rest of your life with anyone else. You propose and I say of course and we share our excitement with everyone who loves us. We get encouraging words and a life time of support from our families and friends. We set a date and get the rings and vow to love each other for the rest of our lives and we know that this is it for each of us. We travel and get a dog and eventually start a family. We spend the nights cuddled on the couch chatting after the kids are asleep and the weekends spending family time together. We continue to go on adventures and reminisce on the beginning of our relationship when we were invincible. We love each other through all of the rough patches and we learn to grow together and not apart. We love our children and teach them what real love is because we set the example for them.


I can’t wait to meet you and see what is in store for us; whether its a perfect fairy tale or an imperfect romance it will be ours and we will love each other through all of the trials, no matter how difficult.



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