Summer 2016 Bucket List!

Hey ya’ll! Happy Freaking Summer! The sky is blue and the temperature is rising! Today I’m posting a quick bucket list before I post my main blog for the week! I’m super excited to share all of the things I’ll be up to this summer and some of them are included on the Bucket List (who doesn’t like putting items on a list just to check them off?!). I am hoping to have a super busy summer all though so far its started off pretty slow. I’m hoping after the next couple weeks it will begin to pick up and start flying by, because as much as I love summer, I also love football season and being in Death Valley cheering on the Tigers! (Also, lets keep Mike VI in our thoughts because he’s going to kill cancer just like our boys are going to kill football season this year!)

Any way, heres the Bucket List I have written so far! Of course there are a ton of crazy things I would love to add to this but that many of them would be outlandishly far fetched for what I could actually do on a minimal budget and with somewhat of a leash on my time since I’m hoping to take a class or two as well as working.

  1. Travel out of the country
  2. Go to the beach with friends
  3. Try at least 1 new food
  4. Try at least 1 new drink
  5. Do something exhilarating
  6. Go hiking
  7. Hammock
  8. Keep my room clean (lame but seriously needs to be done)
  9. Actually use my planner over the summer
  10. Get at least 1 henna tattoo
  11. Try a new recipe
  12. Do some sort of workout at least twice a week
  13. Go to a city I have never heard of
  14. Get crafty!
  15. Do something spontaneous
  16. Go fishing on a boat
  17. Go to a festival/concert (or two)

Like I said, so far this is what I have come up with but definitely let me know if you think there’s anything I need to add to this!

Thanks guys and happy summer!

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