Did Someone Say GoPro?

This past week I got a GoPro! Why?

Well, I’m going on a super exciting trip this summer (more to come soon) and wanted a reliable camera that I can get wet. Obviously GoPro is the most popular sports/active/waterproof camera on the market and seems to have a huge empire of supporters which made it easy for me to decide that I wanted that brand. After spending hours days researching the different models I finally chose the GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition! I got it from BestBuy and there was a deal where it came an SD card and The Handler Floating Hand Grip, both of which I have already used and I’m glad I got. So far, I’ve the camera twice, once at an LSU Baseball Game with my friend Taylor (who you will start to see more about soon!) and the second time on a “let’s pretend to be tourists” trip to New Orleans.

The camera was super easy to use and it was interesting seeing how short the clips I got really were (usually ranging around 7 seconds each). When you get a GoPro you also need to get the GoPro app as well as the GoPro Studio App. The Studio app is the app that you edit the clips in and then merge them into a video. So far I have made one video because I keep having an error message pop-up when trying to create the second video so hopefully I’ll be able to figure that out soon! With the one video I did make the app was super easy to use and it even came with a couple of templates where you can just insert the videos of your choice and the lengths and music is predetermined for you!

Accessory wise, I am planning to buy a few more accessories from amazon before the big trip so I will be able to wear the camera as I’m doing things. There are TONS of GoPro accessory bundles of Amazon and for super inexpensive so I definitely suggest doing some research with a bunch of those before choosing which bundle is going to be best for you!

I posted the video I made of my New Orleans outing on my new YouTube Channel so that ya’ll can check it out! I used the template “Pool Party with the Ninos.” Also, I suggest taking a sec to click the settings button and make the quality 720 HD so you have the clearest quality to look at the footage and see how nice the camera shoots!

One quick note: Totally obsessed with the shoes I was wearing this day! They are Seersucker New Balance Tennis Shoes (how fricken cute?!)

Also, check out my youtube channel where I’ll be posting all my GoPro videos and definitely feel free to give them a thumbs up and subscribe!

Recently, I went to Brunch at Chimes in Covington so I will definitely write a review post about that and a few other brunch places I’ve been to recently soon!

Also, It’s summer and vacation season! Next time you hear from me I will (hopefully) be tanned and rejuvenated from the beach!

What’re y’all up to this summer and what are some items I can put on my Summer Bucket List?! See you soon and definitely check out the New Orleans video!


Xx Oo,

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