Vacation 2016 to Riviera Maya (Cancun), Mexico

Hey ya’ll!

So as I mentioned in my previous post I went on a super exciting trip last month! My family and I hopped on a plane and flew to an all-inclusive resort in Cancun, Mexico! We all had a blast and I got to check off a couple of items on my Summer Bucket List! Not only did I fly out of the country but I also tried a new drink and did something exhilarating. I have, so far, also checked off a couple other things such as: try a new recipe, hammock, keep my room (semi) clean, and do something spontaneous!

But anyway, back to our trip!

I hopped onto an AeroMexico plane May 29, 2016, starting my hour and a half flight to Cancun, Mexico. Upon arrival we got off the plane, went through customs, and were greeted by a driver who drove us in a private van to our resort. We stayed at Royalton Rivera Cancun which is in a small area right outside of Cancun. Now, lets talk about this resort! It was absolutely fabulous ya’ll; the service was awesome, the views were awesome, the food was awesome, over A+ for this place! After getting there and finding out we didn’t get the room we were hoping to get we upgraded to a room with a semi-private swim-up pool. The room had a small couch, a desk, two beds, a nice TV, a tub, and shower with two waterfall heads; not too shabby!

The resort had 7 restaurants as well as multiple bars, indoors and out, and two club areas one inside and the other on the beach. Our favorite restaurant, over all, was called Grazie, an Italian restaurant with great appetizers, entrees, and desserts. The other memorable restaurants consisted of a buffet, a steak house, and a Japanese restaurant which had awesome hibachi and sushi. The food was actually better than expected which was a happy surprise for my family. The buffet served breakfast, lunch, and dinner and always had a large variety of foods to choose from as well as a kids area that had classic american foods such as pizza, chicken nuggets, and french fries incase children wouldn’t eat the other food served. We also had room service a number of times which was good, but not impressive as the restaurant food.

My favorite snack spot was a little coffee and gelato shop on the third floor of the resort. I got a frozen caramel coffee almost every morning and throughout the day I would usually return at least once to get another coffee or a cup of gelato. The shop served 10+ flavors of gelato as well as specialty coffees and pastries which were changed throughout the day. The atmosphere was always very quaint and played acoustic or coffee shop music. Generally there was a short line, especially in the morning when people would want coffee and middle of the day when children (and adults) would want gelato.

Because the resort was all inclusive we did not have to pay for any food or drinks (including alcohol!) while we were at the resort but we did make sure to tip! We heard the the servers only make $20 a week which is clearly not enough money to raise a family or even get a decent house, so we did our best to tip all of the servers we encountered. With that being said, the service we got was absolutely incredible. Everyone working at the resort was so kind and always smiling and making sure we were well taken care of and it definitely did not go unnoticed!

The resort also had multiple pools. The main pool also had a stage and bar attached to it, as well as beach beds, and reclining beach chairs in and out of the water. The pool bar was generally packed during the day and the stage was used for workouts in the morning and entertainment in the evening. There was also an infinity style pool which over looked the beach that had more beach beds and reclining chairs. This pool was not as populated as the main pool and over all was more quiet. At each pool there was always staff walking around, taking drink orders, and picking up empty glasses. There was also a kid pool area, as well as a Diamond Club Pool. I did not use either of these pools but I did see them and they looked very nice.

Lastly, we, of course, had access to the beach. There were tons of beach chairs as well as hammocks, beach beds, and cabanas on the beach for guests to use. We also had access to use kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards at a $5 cost. The beach had very soft, fine, nice sand and the water was not very cold. There was some seaweed in the water when I went in because there was a storm coming in later that day. Every other day we were there the water looked absolutely beautiful and clear.

My favorite spot at the resort was the hammocks in-between the resort and the beach. These hammocks were white with crochet detailing and were in a grassy area along a walk way but directly below them was sand. They were, in my opinion, the prettiest area to be in, especially the one hammock that was on the dune-like hill in between the water and the walkway; it had an excellent view of the beach without actually being on the beach. During the day this spot was perfect for tanning because I would get the breeze coming off of the ocean so I was never too hot and the view was perfect for making it feel like the beach while not having to get sandy. Also this hammock was on the pathway for staff to walk to the beach from the bar so it was easy to order drinks whenever needed. At night it was a nice, secluded spot for me to FaceTime and also have a nice view of the stars and the sound of the waves crashing onto the beach as well as hearing the faint music from the entertainment happening in the distance.

Every night the resort had some sort of entertainment starting at 6 or 7PM and lasting until 11 or later. There was usually some sort of musical performance followed by the kids club performance on the main stage which was then followed by another performance of some sort of dancing, acrobatics, or music. Then, there was entertainment after dinner for the adults by one of the side bars which I believe was karaoke.

While in Cancun we visited two EcoParks, Xel Ha and XPlor. An EcoPark is similar to a water park but keeps the beauty of what was naturally there and builds around it. The underground caves and forest areas were there before the park was created. XPlor consisted of more adventurous activities such as riding ATV’s, Zip-lining, and floating through caves. Xel-Ha was more relaxed with activities such as snorkeling, swimming at the beach or through caves, walking on paths and seeing ancient ruins as well as animals, a butterfly garden, and a bird exhibit.

I was so glad I had my GoPro to capture all of the memories and the beauty I was able to witness on this trip. It will definitely be one of the most memorable vacations I have taken with my parents and brother.

Check out the video that I created from the footage I got while on vacation! I took about 4 hours of footage but was able to make a 13 min video.

Attire on this trip was super casual so I generally wore bikinis as well as my favorite high waisted jean shorts. The only pair of shoes I brought were my customized chacos because they are literally perfect for this type of trip! I also brought a grey swing dress that I wore at dinner in the nicer restaurants. At night I generally wore a tank top and sweats to lay in the hammock and relax.

I hope you are all having a bomb summer vacation and discovering new places and spaces as well as yourselves!

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