Brunch at Bistro Byronz

This past Sunday I went to Bistro Byronz on Perkins Rd. in Baton Rouge for brunch.

The crowd: This restaurant seemed to have people of all sorts. There were families, groups of friends, and couples.

Attire: I wore a dress and wedges and my friends wore nice jeans and tops with wedges. Other people at BB were wearing a large array of clothes; one group dressed nice with sports blazers and dresses, a group of guys were in preppy attire, and a couple women with a child were in very casual attire.

Waiter: Our waiter was super awesome, always kept our waters filled, and gave us some awesome suggestions!

Drinks: Because we aren’t 21 we weren’t able to get the famous frozen mimosas but our water with lemon was wonderful and stayed filled the entire afternoon.

Food: The food was delicious. We decided to get an appetizer so we ordered the Three Cheese Chips. The chips were homemade and hot and super cheesy; needless to say we devoured them. For the entree I got the Brunch Mix and Match so I mixed the Eggs Benedict and matched the Bistro Sardou; this also came with a side of fruit (cantaloupe and honeydew). As we finished, our waiter asked if we wanted desert and as we contemplated he let us know there was a King Cake Bread Pudding and, of course, we were dying to try it. The King Cake Bread Pudding was super warm and delicious and we finished it off within minutes.

Overall we had an awesome experience and I am already looking forward to my next adventure to Bistro Byronz.

Now here’s some artsy pics I took of my food! I hope y’all enjoyed the post and as always,


Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 2.43.58 PM


Above: Three Cheese Chips


Above: Eggs Benedict


Above: Mix and Match Bistro Sardou and Eggs Benedict


Above: King Cake Bread Pudding


Above: The menu and Lauren making tough decisions


New Year, New Me, Am I Right?

Hey ya’ll!

So because 2016 is quickly approaching I’ve decided to blog about my New Years Resolutions. In the past I have never actually kept my resolutions so hopefully this year I will. It’s just so hard to do, you know?

So, here it goes, my 2016 list to live by:

Resolution 1: Start saying ‘yes’ more often. I want to become more adventurous and start doing things outside of my comfort zone. I’ve been known to spend weekends in bed watching netflix but hopefully this routine will be broken in 2016. I am 20 years old and I need to start experiencing more and meeting more people. This is definitely going to be a tough one because who doesn’t enjoy sleeping all the time and binge watching [insert current drama series here]? But as the old saying goes, YOLO.

Resolution 2: Lean how to play the guitar. This is something that I have been wanting to do for a very long time but have always found a reason not to.Growing up, my dad played guitar and sang in his spare; he even brought his guitar on vacation a couple of times. I’ve tried getting him to teach me but it just never seems to work out, so this time I’m going to take it into my own hands. I’m lucky that he owns multiple guitars so hopefully I will be able to steal one and bring it to Baton Rouge with me this semester. With the help of youtube and one of my friends who recently taught herself how to play guitar I will be able to start this new hobby.

Resolution 3: Drink less Starbucks. I love frappuccinos more than a lot of things but lets be honest, the sugar content in those things is ridiculous. In previous semesters I’ve had classes in the same building as one of the on campus Starbucks; needless to say I’ve gone to Starbucks multiple times a week (sometimes even multiple times a day), and the barista’s knew exactly what I was coming for. So, sadly I’ve decided this is a habit that needs to be broken. It will be hard but it will make my body and my wallet a whole lot healthier.

Resolution 4: Focus on school and get a 4.0. I am very excited and #blessed that I have the chance to start a new chapter in my college career. With this comes the hope that I will be able to pull up my GPA because lets be honest, thats pretty important when it comes to getting hired in the future. A 4.0 is a goal that I believe every student should strive for and I know that if I really try I will be able to achieve this goal.

Resolution 5: Go to the UREC on campus. I have lived near the UREC for the last year and a half and have yet to step foot in the building. Sure, I’ve gone running around Sorority Row a handful of times but that doesn’t make up for the fact that I have a free facility to work out in that I have not used yet. This is going to be a constant fight that hopefully I will be able to win. With breaking the netflix habit comes the need to fill that time in with something and hopefully that something will be some sort of work out.


Now, let’s be honest, I probably won’t be sticking to this list but at least I made it and have published it on the internet for all to see. Maybe that will force me to at least try to follow it.

Fingers crossed that this list actually happens and I’ll be an adventurous, fit, guitar playing, 4.0 GPA woman come 2017!


Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 2.43.58 PM

So You Want to Change Majors?

As a Sophomore in College I decided to make a life altering decision and change my major. This was a very serious decision for me because I have wanted to become an Architect since I was very young and I hate being a  quitter.

To understand what I was dealing with, my Freshman Architecture class had about 80 students in it; starting my Sophomore year we had 27 including 2 new transfer students. I became unbelievably close to my 26 colleagues and we spent time together in and out of our studio.

Needless to say, it was a tough decision to leave the people I have gotten to know so well to not only switch majors but switch colleges.

How did I know it was time for a change?

This past summer I was so excited to get back to school and start on projects but after the first two weeks of class I knew I could not do it anymore. I became uninterested in the courses I was taking and was only doing the assignments to “make the grade”. I spent more time staring at the paper than drawing on it; I didn’t enjoy the projects that were being given to me. I started to wonder if this was the path I really wanted to take and if I would be happy doing this kind of work in 20 years.

How did I decide what to switch my Major to?

I looked through my University’s Major Catalogue and wrote down a list of Majors that seemed interesting. From there I read all of the descriptions and narrowed it down even more. At this point I was left with two, very different, majors. I took about a week to think about which major I would choose. After this I told my parents my decision and they talked to me about my options. Together we came to the conclusion that Business-Marketing was the right choice for me!

How did I tell people and in what order?

First, I told my roommates. These two ladies are two of my closest friends. One of them had recently changed her major so she was very open to the idea and supported me right off the bat. The other was a little more concerned because she knew the passion I have had for Architecture for the past year and a half, but she was still supportive. Eventually she came to realize I was making the right choice for me. Next, I told my best friend from home. I explained the full situation to her and she was very excited that I was making a change because she knew what I had been going through all semester. After her, I told my parents. I was nervous to tell them because my plan had always been to become an Architect but they were very accepting of the idea. They realized that I had been thinking about changing majors for a while because I had gone into so much detail about what I was thinking about switching to and why I wanted to do it. We talked about my two options and they helped me to see pro’s and con’s of each major. Lastly, I told my classmates. This was the group of people I was most nervous to tell. On the last day of class my Architecture friends and I were talking about classes for next semester and I casually mentioned that I was glad I wouldn’t be attending one of their “major specific” classes. They were slightly surprised but supportive because they wanted me to be successful and happy. From there, the news spread through out my studio and in a couple days most of them had heard the news.

What are my plans for the future?

Honestly? I’m not sure. I plan to stick with my current Major and possibly get a Minor in who knows what. I’ll probably get an MBA because I know those are useful when getting careers and I would like to be as successful as possible. I hope to become more involved in my sorority and make many more friends. I plan to spend nights studying and drinking coffee, but also having fun with my friends. I am really looking forward to seeing how this new experience will cause me to grow!

We shall see what the future brings!


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In the Beginning…

Hey  Ladies and Gents!

So for my first blog post I’ve decided to tell you a little about myself so you can get to know me!

My name is Caroline, it’s not uncommon for strangers to sing “Sweet Caroline” to me when I introduce myself, yes it’s awkward and yes it’s gotten old but I go along with it anyway to make people feel better about themselves. I recently turned 20 (of course I celebrated it by going to brunch) and decided I probably need to figure out what I want to do with my life at some point in the near future.
I was an Architecture major for my first 3 semesters of college but recently decided to switch to business at Louisiana State University (#geauxtigers #LSU #prideofthesouth).

I am in a sorority and absolutely love Greek life and suggest it to any lady who is starting college and wants to become involved in a great organization (because let’s be honest, all sororities are great).

I live with two of my best friends/sorority sisters and could not ask for better roomies.

I love nature and outdoorsy things and I went camping for the first time over Fall Break 2015 (yes, I slept on a tarp, no, I was not eaten alive by mosquitos).

I also love photography, cooking, and traveling all of which I have been slacking at doing lately so I’ll be sure to get on that so I can post about it!

My favorite color is gold although you can never go wrong with bourdeaux or navy.

I want a micro yorkie puppy very badly but sadly I can’t get one yet…but some day I will.

I prefer white wine although I’d choose champagne any day.

Final fun tidbit: Blair Waldorf is my spirit animal.


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the first of many posts!


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